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Will you wait until it all burns down? Will you hide until it all burns down? Will it hurt when it all burns down? Will you fight when it all burns down? (x)

Random fire!Elsa screen edits because it’s 4am and I’m bored

Scene with fire!Elsa requested by anon

Anon asked for this scene but with fire!Elsa

Damn it looks hot outside

Anon requested the fight scene with fire!Elsa

Fire!Elsa will be the death of me (not that I mind)

Flames credit

Just pretend I know anything about editing


I want a gif of ice!elsa turning into fire!elsa


All these fire!Elsa posts

and yet not one has said

the coal never bothered me anyway

This is the night, I’m burning within

She’s hotter than fire (x)

I was messing around with different colour effects for fire!Elsa and wow I really like how her dress looks here

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